Gradients and Swatches Entire Collections Mega Bundle


Gradients and Swatches Entire Collections Mega Bundle

A large collection of Huge colorful vibrant shapes with a strong effect of dynamic movement. These lively
elements will bring a modern touch to your designs!

These are useful for Photo-Image Graphic Editing, Making web styles, backgrounds, layer styles,
scrapbooking, buttons, graphics, layer effects, text effects, Print and many more things in Designing.

15,000 Photoshop Layer Styles

30,000 Illustrator Gradients

50,000 Photoshop Gradients

Entire Collections

On top of these 50.000 Photoshop Gradients and 30.000 Adobe illustrator Gradients, you will receive 15.000
Photoshop Layer Styles to complete your collection. Just think about it – having over 95.000 gradients &
layer styles at your fingertips! Also the 25,000 Gradients and Swatches for Photographers and
Scrapbookers. You will get more than 1,20,000.